Epoxy Injection Crack Repair – Aurora, CO 80017

  1. Repairing and sealing all cracks in concrete foundation wall using epoxy injection

– Cleaning off cracks as needed

– Installing injection ports along with epoxy paste and adhesive mortar

– Injecting bonding liquid epoxy into ports/cracks as needed

  1. Reinforcing cracks along front middle portion of concrete foundation wall using  carbon fiber straps (area we agreed on)

– Cleaning off areas as needed where carbon fiber straps will be installed

– Applying bonding epoxy where carbon fiber straps will be installed

– Installing carbon fiber straps with bonding epoxy as needed

  1. Readjusting existing sump pump

– Digging dirt from around and under sump pump

– Re-installing sump pump into the ground flush with the top of the ground

– Back filling dirt around pump well as needed

Epoxy Injection:


Carbon Fiber Straps:


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