Basement Foundation Repair

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Basement Foundation Repair Using

Epoxy Injection, Carbon Fiber Straps, Wall Anchors, Helical Piers and More

Engineers always recommend sealing any cracks 1/16th of an inch or greater with pressure injected epoxy. Epoxy injection seals the cracks entirely which bonds the crack back together, waterproofs the crack, ensures the structural continuity of the basement foundation wall, makes the crack stronger than any other part of the wall, prevents water intrusion and much more. We install carbon fiber straps to prevent the wall from shifting, bowing or cracking again.

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When we repair cracks in concrete using epoxy injection, we install injection ports along with epoxy paste and bonding adhesive and we inject epoxy into the ports/cracks as needed until cracks are all filled with epoxy.


Leaning and Bowing Foundation Walls

Pressure/force from the earth around the foundation walls can cause walls to bow inward

Bowing walls are sign of serious foundation problems

Basement walls normally start to bow before you can even see any cracks. This bowing is sometimes difficult to see, but any bowing at all is an indication of a weakened/failing structure. This can be from the external pressures and forces on the foundation, and it’s only a matter of time before this cracking shows on the inside of the basement. Brick walls are just as vulnerable to bowing and cracking as concrete and are also susceptible to crumbling mortar.

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Installing carbon fiber straps on basement foundation walls prevents bowing, leaning, shifting or cracking.