Carbon Fiber Straps

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We install carbon fiber straps on cracked concrete foundation walls such as crawlspace concrete foundation walls and basement concrete foundation walls. Carbon fiber straps are great for repairing cracked and bowed concrete walls.

Carbon fiber straps prevent walls from continuing to bow and prevent cracks from continuing to spread. In most cases, all damaged/cracked concrete is cleaned off and sealed using epoxy injection or structural strength mortar and then bonding epoxy is applied where carbon fiber straps will be installed and then fiber straps are installed along with more epoxy applied to straps.

Carbon fiber straps can be a much less expensive foundation repair that still gets the job done right and will last a lifetime.

Carbon fiber straps are great for bowing foundation walls, cracked foundation walls, cracked concrete walls, shifting concrete walls, settling concrete walls, basement concrete walls, stem walls, crawlspace foundation walls and much more.

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