Manufactured Home Leveling

Is your manufactured home out of level? If so, it is time to think about re-leveling the home.

We specialize in single wide manufactured home leveling and double wide manufactured home leveling.

If you manufactured home is out of level it is usually due to the ground settling underneath the blocking or foundation of the home. Settling of soils can cause gaps between the foundation supports and the I-beams of the manufactured home leading to cracks in walls, doors not closing properly or jamming even windows not working properly. Floors develop squeaks and creaking noises due to a variety of reasons. Serious structural damage can occur, so it is wise to re-level your manufactured home as soon as possible.


What Is Manufactured, Modular & Mobile Home/Trailer Re-Leveling?

Manufactured home re-leveling is accomplished by getting all metal frames/I-beams level using a water leveler. We also adjust the piers under the mobile or manufactured home and replace damaged/cracked concrete blocks/piers as needed. This process is carefully done to equalize the pressure and weight distribution across the metal frames of the home in order to distribute the load over the entire footprint of the manufactured homes support pads.


Understanding Mobile Home/Trailer House Leveling Issues

Although some people view manufactured home leveling as a starter or temporary idea, many of us find it to be the perfect dwelling and remain in our home for many years. There are many reasons for choosing a mobile home, and many reasons for staying in one. As we age, the single floor layout of a mobile home is beneficial as there are no stairs to climb. In fact, older people are choosing mobile home living for their retirement years. As time marches on and the home becomes older, it is essential to keep up with maintenance, including re-leveling your home.

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Manufactured Home/Trailer House Leveling Issues

Over the years, all homes begin to settle. Creaks and moans may be heard, cabinet doors, closet doors, and outside doors may not shut properly and you may feel a slight lean in the floor. This does not mean your house is sinking or danger ahead, it means it’s time to have your home adjusted.

Without adjustments to the level of your manufactured home, the piers underneath the home that may be constructed of non-treated wood may show wear, tear and erosion. Bolts could become stressed and less effective, and other deterioration underneath the home may have occurred. Re-leveling does exactly what it says, it re-levels the manufactured home so the weight is distributed evenly and properly.


Hiring a Contractor to Re-Level Your Manufactured Home/Trailer House

Unless you have the experience and machinery necessary, this is not a do it yourself project. You will need to bring in a professional to assure that your manufactured home is properly leveled and you can continue your manufactured home living lifestyle.


  • Single Wide Leveling: $450-$550
  • Double Wide Leveling: $850-$950
  • Triple Wide Leveling: $900-$999

We have consistent prices for manufactured home trailer houses depending on the manufactured home trailer‘s exact size and height from the ground. Single wide manufactured homes range around $450-$500. double wide manufactured homes range around $900-$950. triple wide manufactured homes also range around $950 due to overall square footage being similar to double wide manufactured homes. Some manufactured homes/trailer houses are short in length which can result in a significantly cheaper/lower Quote.

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Re-leveling isn’t a difficult or scary thing to have done, but it is highly important to take care of. By doing research and planning ahead, manufactured home living can remain a level, well adjusted, safe dwelling for you.

Manufactured Home Leveling